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Sarrox - this name stands for fat beats, strong basses and simply good songs that are fun and stay in the ear.



Behind this name is a young, calm, but very dedicated man who always has a smile and an open ear for his fellow human beings. On weekends you can find him mostly at concerts and festivals or even eagerly at his equipment. Since the age of nine, music has been an integral part of the life of Sarrox, now 24, whose real name is Rouven Blaeser and was born and raised in Heinsberg in North Rhine-Westphalia. The love of music is Sarrox in the family. His father, an avid keyboardist, sparked the love of music with the young Rouven. To emulate his idol, he taught himself to play the keyboard at the age of seven. At the age of nine he got his first own acoustic guitar and again it was the ambition and passion that led the young Sarrox to teach himself to play the guitar using the internet.


Already in the year 2003 followed his first DJ software 'Virtual DJ' on his father's PC. He started to experiment and soon followed the first little mashups. This should be the beginning of his love of electronic music. With the beginning of his carpenter training in 2012, his musical career took on a new professional level. From his first salary, the then 18-year-old bought his first mixing desk from American Audio, closely followed by his first electric guitar. He began to take lessons at the local music school, but unfortunately this was short-lived. He recorded his first self-produced music with trial versions of FL Studio and Ableton Live, before switching to 'Tracktor DJ' in 2013 and using the platform (now to mix his tracks live and together with his audience to celebrate. 2017 was the next big step. With the purchase of the Tracktor Kontrol S8 began the big upswing. There were first appearances at public and private events in his hometown. The awareness grew and thus also the platform change on Twitch and Youtube took its course, where you can still follow Sarrox live today and celebrate with him.



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